Why Choose Muscle Up Meals?

With so many healthy meal choices, we know it can be hard to decide. Well one thing that makes muscle up meals stand out is flavor, our food has lots of it! We go the extra mile, we spend more money when we cook our food, use more seasonings, higher grade meats and produce, and actually have real experienced chefs producing the food. This isn't your ordinary meal plan, and we know if you try just one bite of our food you'll instantly be able to taste the difference. We put love and soul into the culinary masterpieces we create, this isn't a place to buy cheap lean meals in bulk. If you want quality food, great taste, and food created to fit your healthy lifestyle, you've come to the right place!

My favorites are the chicken satay and the wraps!! The spices they put in the food are super tasty ! Definitely worth a try!

Alicia N

Los Angeles

Adam's Amazing 200 lbs weight loss transformation

Adam K


After losing 200 lbs in 14 months, and learning how to life a sustainable healthy lifestyle, I (Adam) decided to make it my life's mission to help others achieve their desired fitness goals. I began by providing health and wellness coaching, and teaching people how to eat a nutritious yet delicious diet by simply making the right food choices. Then one day I met an amazing chef who was able to bring my culinary and nutritional ideas to life: That is how Muscle Up Meals was born!

Our Commercial Kitchen In Pasadena California

We physically cook the meals in Pasadena, but we deliver anywhere in the southern california, LA, OC, Ventura county markets. We are also planning to open a location of our own soon!

45 N San Gabriel Blvd, Pasadena, Ca, 91107

Our Delivery Times


8:00 PM — 11:45 PM


8:00AM — 7:00 PM

Future days coming soon

Future days coming soon